Purposes of practicum

Being a teacher is not a means to patronize, but study with children. Being a teacher is not that should be feared by pupils but cherished, honored even to be a friend to them. There are sentences that often I hear if the teacher that is a parent of students in all schools. It correctly, but any teacher’s role should be helped by the role of parents in the home. Educating pupils with sincere and makes the child as a human being that is my goal. Not just know but can apply in their lives. As a teacher I don’t want to become a transfertor knowledge but became teachers who provide meaningful lessons for students.

Procedures of practicum

For being a student teacher, I always endeavour to implement children learn with practice, practice with children can remember more than just listening to lectures or reading a book. Not infrequently I invite kids out of classes for just a breath of fresh air and to study with outside class. The classes that I teach is the class fat, approximately 55 students per class so I usually divide the students into small group method using cooperative learning. To attract the attention of children I use video or games, never once did I use a flash-based app games and they are very enthusiastic.

Outcomes of practicum

Much experience as I can while at WVSU, from the starting teaching experience there to the streets and explore iloilo city. Classroom mangement is a hard thing I do let alone I most dislike big class. But, there I learned a lot of how to organize the classroom so that conducive, attracted the attention of the entire course and students learn not only to convey the science but to give life or meaning in any learning. I also learned responsibility, responsibility as befits a teacher who not only educate but to give affection, to make comfortable every student like her parents. SEA program-Teacher is also very helpful to improve my United Kingdom language, because here I must always use the language of the United Kingdom. Almost every weekend University always invites me to explore places that are beautiful and meaningful. We’re not just streets but we also learn a lot.

The challenges of practicum

The challenge when I teach is the management classroom. Initially I was very difficulty and almost feel like a failure because of differences in teaching of the number of pupils in my country and in my goals. But, generally give up but I learn and keep trying. The next challenge is the language. I am required to always use the language of the United Kingdom of course, frankly my experience teaching use full english was minimal but because of the demands of my learn again and again to hone English skills in order to be understood by children easily.

Overall impression

Broadly speaking, the program is very good, I as a Teacher-SEA program participants are very fortunate we can exchange culture, hone language skills United Kingdom, discovering new things, add friends, appreciate the difference and certainly get experience and can motivate other friends in order to keep the passion to become a teacher.

Suggestions for future improvement

                I’m a little bit of feeling lonely, because from my native country we were just three of us. Perhaps the Division of each campus can be equally right.


West Visayas State University informally referred to as West or WVSU is a public normal research university (a university system) located in Western Visayas region of the Philippines with its main campus in La Paz, Iloilo City. It was established formally in 1924 as Iloilo Normal School under the Philippine normal school system during the American colonial period in the Philippines under the tutelage of the Thomasites, but it dates back its founding 22 years later when the university’s College of Education was founded in 1902. It later became West Visayas State College in 1965 and became a university and changed its name to West Visayas State University in 1986.

The university is one of the accredited Philippine Universities of the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific and one of the most prominent institutions in the Visayas in the field of Teacher Education, Nursing and Medicine. The West Visayas State University (WVSU) is a university system composed of different separate campuses and the West Visayas State University Medical Center. The main campus is composed of nine schools and colleges and one institute. The Philippine Commission on Higher Education has also designated the university through its main campus as the Center of Excellence in Teacher Education and Center of Development in Nursing while the Lambunao Campus as Centers of Development in the programs of Agriculture and Forestry.

Academic Support System

West Visayas State University Integrated Lab School has School’s yard for flag ceremony and also for sport. The total of classrooms from grade 1 until grade 6 are seven classes. It’s also had free play room, familly corner, develompent corner, culture corner, science corner, library, computer room and cooking room for elemantary School. This facility also use together with Junior high school and Senior high school in West Visayas State University. Teaching system in West Visayas State University mostly use power point presentation and video as aperseption.  grouping for the activities, and teacher also do explanation after the activities for confirmed the lesson. And give a task for the students to do for the evaluation

Materials and learning sources

For teaching and learning they have projector in some classes, speaker, and using green chalkboard. For physical school environment they have free play room, restroom for different gender, kitchen, playground, warehouse, cctv’s room for security, security room, healthy’s room and teacher center. teacher center include teacher’s room, headmaster room.            

Measurment and evaluation system

Measurment and evaluation system in Integrated Lab SchoolWest Visayas State University, they have annual program, week activity unit, day activity unit, assesment form, individual report card, monthly report book, annual report book. And for the student they have student’s acceptance book, student’s presence book and student’s health card.

General Curriculum

The K to 12 Program covers Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.

K to 12 (also K-12) is an education system under the Department of Education that aims to enhance learners’ basic skills, produce more competent citizens, and prepare graduates for lifelong learning and employment. “K” stands for Kindergarten and “12” refers to the succeeding 12 years of basic education (6 years of elementary education, 4 years of junior high school, and 2 years of senior high school).

Before teaching the teachers should make lesson plan before, the function of lesson plan is planning what you want to do when you teach later. Integrated Lab School West Visayas State University especially for elementay school use details lesson plan. I details lesson plan the teacher should guess what will happen in teaching and learning processing later.

Pedagogical Contents

                        Teachers usually use collaborative, collaboration or focus group discussion. Because of in elementary school there the members of the class in each more than 50. If the teacher only use conventional methode it would be bored, but if the teacher use group discussiun teach and learn process would be more fun and the students can understand clearly what the teacher teaches. Integrated Lab School West Visayas State University in general the teacher is creative to make learning materials they will reuse thing also innovative and  sometimes use projector and shows power point or video for get interest the students. For the students they also learn computer in lab computer. And for the evaluation the teacher sometimes give them star for reward and record all the assessment in record book.

Observation on Teacher(s) in the Classroom

               Before teachig the teacher make lesson plan, have discussion with other teacher about teach and learn process they will do and also trying the materials thet they will use before it will be simulate for the students. When they teaching sometimes the students are very noisy but teacher can handle and manage the class very well, with agreement reached that they made it between teacher and the students the teacher also use grouping methode when teaching. For the evaluation teachers use task to do, long or short term project and give the reward to the students who did the projet or task well. Overall the teacher is very well when teaching.

Teaching Plan

            I teach science for elementary school, and in elementary school use K to 12 curriculum The K to 12 Program covers Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.

K to 12 (also K-12) is an education system under the Department of Education that aims to enhance learners’ basic skills, produce more competent citizens, and prepare graduates for lifelong learning and employment. “K” stands for Kindergarten and “12” refers to the succeeding 12 years of basic education (6 years of elementary education, 4 years of junior high school, and 2 years of senior high school).

Before teaching the teachers should make lesson plan , the function of lesson plan is planning what you want to do when you teach later. Integrated Lab School West Visayas State University especially for elementay school especially in science major use details lesson plan. I details lesson plan the teacher should guess what will happen in teaching and learning processing later. The components of the lesson plan are:

  1. learning competency (objective and general objective)
  2. Concept (materials, reference, science process/skills, value integration)
  3. Learning task (engage, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation.
  4. Engage is asking question to probe and ptior knowledge of the students about topic and ask the specific questions about the lesson to be answered during explore phase.
  5. Exploration is hansof action
  6. Explain is where teachers input the lesson and have to explain to the students about what they do in exploration before.
  7. Elaboration is apply learned concept in new situation
  8. Evaluation assessment what students know about the lesson

Between sad and happy

This is my last week here, i’m confused about what i’m feeling now sad and happy at the same time. Sad, because i have to came back to Indonesia and i’ll miss this place, the people and everything here but i’m also happy because i can meet my familly and my best friends in Indonesia.

Today, 1st February 2019 ma’am Laden call me an told me this morning that she and grade 3 had farewell party for me.  I’m very surprised when i come to the class grade 3 gave me a letter for memorize them, i miss them.

We play games, they sing a song for me and dance. It’s very fu moment but i feel sad too because i have to back to Indonesia

They gave me many gift and love and also great experiences.

When i cry they said “ma’am Nadia please don’t cry everything will be ok”

I love you all. I miss you

And with lovely girl

After farewell party, i recieaved my certificate from WVSU. I’m very happy a sheet of paper making me happy can’t believe

i got my certificated


Beacause yesterday i can’t finish my lesson in grade 6 so today 31st January 2019 me and myra have to continue it, but today just myra who will be a main teacher and i just will help myra.

When assist student

Everytime i assist ot teach the student i always learn about teamwork, caring, tolerant. I always lean from thestudents

And for lunch ma’am Ann and Lex invite me to lunch together, we lunch with vietnamese food, its very delicious and design of the restaurant is very good.

Interior design
from right (ma’am Ann, Me, Lecza)

And after lunch ma’am Rose and sir Ricky accompany us to go to CHED and met Regional Director to inform about our program in West Visayas State University

And after lunch ma’am Rose and sir Ricky accompany us to go to CHED and met Regional Director to inform about our program in West Visayas State University

What is CHED ?

CHED is The Commision o Higher Education is the Philippine goverment’s agency in charged with promoting relvant and quality higher education, ensuring access to quality higher education and guaranteeing and protecting academic freedom for continuing intelectual growth, advancement of learning and research development of responsible and efective leadership, education of high level professionals and enrichment of historical and cultural herritage. (British Council, 2019)

I met Regional Director and tell our story and our experiences at WVSU and also in Philippines.

The regional Director said that “this program is very great for each country, we can know about culture from another country”.

When Volcano Erupt

If yesterday i teach about earthquake in grade 6, today (Wdnesday, 30th January 2019) the topic is about volcano.

I plan activities about volcano is make a simulation when volcano erupt, i plan using baking soda ect for make volcano but, suddenly i think about cola. Cola has soda, when we shake it the open it the soda will explode it is similar with volcano when erupt. So, me and myra choose cola for our activities today in grade 6.

The students very excited when i bring cola into classroom, students in ILS WVSU always happy when they have to an activity. I divide them into 6 group, then i gave the activity task we do an activities outside.

Pour salt into cola

Shake cola

After they did an activities they hve to discuss with them group and then answer question that written on the task activities.


After the discussion they have to present they work, but time was ot and we continue our lesson tomorrow.

At 2pm i have class in grade 4 about soil, yesterday evening me, Myra, Ed, and Karen try to find 3 different kind of soil for activities today, clay soil, sand soil and loam soil. And this day the students will do activities for identified about material of soil. The students must be put soil into cup with hole and pour water, and after the activities they have to write them answer on manila paper.

Students pour water

Students identified soil

Discuss and writing the result of the discussion

Having Fun with Soil

Yesterday is the day after Dinagyang Festival, after Dinagyang Festival is holiday. So, yesterday is a holiday and today is Tuesday 29th January 2019 and i start to teach again.

Today at 8.30am i teach i grade 6 about earthquake. I start teaching with playing a video about earthquake which occure in Indonesia, the students was very amaze and interested about that video, after that i ask them for their experiences about earthquake and one student raise his hand and tell his experience about earthquake he said that earthquake occure in here about one year ago when they do exam, and then they felt earthquake teacher give the instruction to them to go to the field.

When the student share the experience

After they sahre the experience, i divide them into 6 group, each group have to do task, discuss with group, write on manila paper and then pick it on the board

Discussing sesion

Pick on the board

Share result to them friends

And for the last we discuss together and i gave the conclusion.

For the afternoon at 2pm me, Karen and Edna gave some activities for grade 3, in grade 3 i play with soil because tomorrow i will teach about soil.

Activities for grade 3 is make mozaic using 3 different color of soil such as dark brown, brown and light brown. We provide cardboard, soil and glue the students must pour soil after glue



And don’t forget always clean after do something mess

when the student cleaning after activities

Today was very fun dayy !!



 Every once a year in iloilo city there’s Dinagyang Festival, and ma’am Hilda told us that we can join Dinagyang and she had ticket for us to watch Kasadyahan held on saturday and Ati competition on sunday . On Saturday, 26th January 2019 me, Andi and vivi accompanied by Jae and Feurl went to Dinagyang Festival to watch Kasadyahan. We got 5 ticket, 2 tickec colored blue and 3 ticket colored orange so, andi and Jae got 2 blue ticket and the girls got 3 orange ticket.

our ticket

What is Dinagyang ?

Dinagyang is like a showcase of the rich herritage, colorful history, passionate devotion, and fun-loving spirit ilonggo people. The festival traces its roots as a thanksgiving celebration in honor of Senyor Santo Nino, the child Jesus. Today, t has grown to be one of the Philippines most spectacular religious and cultural festivals.

The festival highlights are scheduled on the fourth weekend of January in addtion to many exciting activities happening all throughtout the month. The religious highlights include the fluvial procession along the iloilo river and the Dinagyang Ati cultural parade and competition.

For Saturday the schedule is Kasadyahan Cultural Parade, Kasadyahan

Kasadyahan festival is a cultural dance parade and contest held on Saturday before Ati competition. It focuses on celebrating the goodness of the creator for bounties given the western Visayans through a grand dancing parade filled with color and grace.

This year’s emphasis is on the theme of each tribe presentation through dance drama. It is search for best dance interpretation of festivals of each competiting group.

attending dinagyang festival

And for Sunday, 27th January 2019 me, andi, and vivi accompanied by ma’am Rose and ma’am Hilda for watch Ati dance competition, the competing tribes which include the warrior-dancers are all smeard with dark brown body-paint to present a tableau of folkloric scenarios through coreographed formation, elaborate props and remarkable costumes as they dance to their chanting, loud drum-beats and indigenous musical insrument. Im very enjoy Dinagyang Festival

The real Ati
Musical instrument team who bring drums and other things

Ati dance competition performance.



Today is Monday, 21st Jan 2019 it means i have to go back to my routine schedule , teaching!

And today i will teach grade 3 about waterforms. In ILS WVSU they use K-12 curriculum 12 means from elementary school until senior high school they spent 12 years, so the curriculum guide called K-12, i got this information from one of teacher there advisor of grade 3 ma’am Laden. I made lesson plan before i teach and between Indonesia and Philipines we have different lesson plan because we have different curriculum too if in Philippines use K-12 we use K-13 in Indonesia it means our Curriculum made in year 2013.

In ILS WVSU use details lesson plan so i have to write and guess our conversation between me and the students. When i teaching this subject and topic i use technology such us projector, laptop and in Indonesia i learn to make games with Flash Application so, i use that. Myra help me to provide all of things that i need, and i’m ready to teach.

Before student came in to the class, they have to make a line outside and then president of the class do a checking for their socks. It must be white socks

Checking before entering classroom

First, i open my class with greetings and for the waterforms i have to introduce 3 types of water such as, fresh water, brackish water and salt water. Then i provide fresh water, salt water and brackish water and let the students taste it.

After that we play game, i use flash app for making that game, the students looks very happy when i said that we will play games.

taste different kind of water

After the games, i explain about waterform and the kinds of waterform. The students looks enjoy and for me, as teacher i feel happy when my students enjoyed studying with me.

After teaching, one of student teaching before, my friend Antonette gave me a gift and then i open my gift

manggoes and scarf

And wallaaaaa manggoes and hijab! Thanks so much

After i open my gift, i check my phone and MY PHONE LOST !!

Ma’am laden, ma’am mae joy, and student teacher ther very panic and try to find my phone.

We checkes CCTV but, we can’t fine my phone, then one of student teaching there use tracker ‘google find my device’ i just have to input my gmail account and then i can track where is my phone.

According to the tracker, m phone still in ILS building we try our bst to find my phone and after 30minutes my phone moved to cafetaria, we’re very schock then we give the report to office about my phone 15minutes later my phone moved again to La Paz International High School. Ma’am Laden, Me, Lelan and Chin hurry to go to La Paz police station for reporting my phone.

Then, suddenly ma’am Palomo pass the police station.

And ask us what happen then ma’am laden explain all of things to ma’am Palomo that my phone was gone. And then ma’am Palomo take out phone from her bag and that is my phone. Before police solve problem we solve the problem first. We solve our problem

Ma’am palomo explain about how could that phone can with her and she said that someone give her and said that, that is her phone because its look like similar. that and its still mystery, who? Who is the person take my phone from my pocket? Or maybe my phone fall from my pocket.

And i found my phone again.thank you so much ma’am Laden, ma’am palomo, lelan and chin!

after found my phone

The day after is  Tuesday Jan 22th 2019  ma’am Hilda and ma’am Sherly invite me, andi and vivi to share aboaut Indonesia in college but vivi can’t come. So, only me and Andi who will teach in college

We share about culture and curriculum in Indonesia

For the first i start with plaing a video about Indonesia who has many beautiful places and then i introduce about our capital city and the icon our country, Indonesia


Monas, the national monument the heigth is a 132m (433 ft) tower in centre of merdeka square, central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia. It is the national monument of the Republic of Indonesia.

I also share about ecology, temples, seas and many more about Indonesia. The students is very happy and interested about Indonesia. Hope soon they can come to Indonesia

with college students

Beautiful Day in Bearland

 Im not feeling well on Saturday, 19th January 2019 but, im too excited because today ma’am Ann invite us to visit museum of contemporary art Iloilo city

loilo museum of contemporary of art

My first impression is just only one word awesome!

The building is full of white with classic design. It has three floor but we can’t take some picture at second and third floor we only allowed take a picture at the first floor.

When we go inside we have to put all our things in recepcionist table and got the ticket

Our ticket

And, before i see the painting i saw bronze sculpture stands in front of the museum

first floor

And here it is the first floor.

The first floor houses The Hulot Exhibit, which is allocated for exhibitions of local and international artist.

On the second floor is The Gallery, which is devoted to rotating shows. It currently hosts exhibits that highlight the Ilonggo art scene, Filiphino sculpture, and influential international artist

And the last floor is The Adoracion Valencia Gallery features the personal collection of ILOMOCA’s promry donor, Edwin Valencia. It is named after his mother who influenced his love for the art (

(from right vivi, andi, buddy, me, ma’am Ann, and the other buddies)

After went to museum we had lunch in cafe near that place, the cafe has cute design and the food is very delicious, i don’t know about the price because ma’am Ann always treat us lol >.<

brunch cafe

After lunch, we ate some churro.

Churro is a fried-dough pastry made from flour its a little bit salty and very sweet because i dipped it with chocolate

 churro at festive walk

After we eat. We went hometel because at 3pm we have to go to Bearland for refresh our mind.

We start our journey to Bearland with riding jeepney.

Ma’am Hilda, ma’am Sherly and ma’am scarlet accompany ud to go to bearland, we spent almost 1 hours went to Bearland. Bearland is located in Brgy Tanpael, Tigbauan, Iloilo City

What is bearland?

The first time i heard Bearland is a land full of bear, and i’m totally wrong! Bearland is like resort near the beach. When i arrived in Bearland i’m very interested with one big building with beautiful green grass above there its very good view and i took a picture there.


Resort must be have a pool, and in Bearland the pool are great! They have 2 pools : one for kids and one for adults. Tha adults pool standout among others is that has “sunken bar” area, and when sunset come that is perfect time for took a picture. And i got one picture !

Sunset in Bearland

I slept in small villa in Bearland it has 2 bedroom inside and air-conditioning are available there, satelite TV and wifi connection.

Where is the beach?

Beach in bearland is very near i just have to walk only 3 minutes from villa, but i’m not allowed to swim at the beach, because of the jellyfish. But, its ok i can feel peace when im on the beach

I’m very happy , i wish i can go back there soon !

Thanks for taking me there

Last picture

From right ma’am Hilda, vivi, me, Andi, ma’am Sherly, ma’am Rose



Friday,18th January 2019 is the last day for student teaching batch 1 teach in ILS WVSU. And in this day is farewell party for students teaching exept me because i have to finish all of thing.

In farewell party we had sharing about students experience and student teacing experience then do many games before we explain our feeling and cry


Some of the students crying and student teacing too because this is the last day and too much memories in the class

Farewell party start with writing letter by the student when writting a letter all of the student using coloring and write with cute decoration, after that we dance sing a song and do fun activities.

We play some games such as :

  1. Hip hip horray

When you play this game you should listen carefully to the leader who will give you instruction if the leader say “hip-hip” you should clap your hand but, if the leader say “horray” you should raise your hand.

  • Round-round the chair

When music playing we should rotate the chairs and when music stop we shoul sit at the chair. If one of us didn’t sit it will be a loser.

I had so much fun when farewell party but sad at the same time because, it meand my friends will be go out from ILS WVSU.

On the evening ma’am Laden and ma’am Mae Joy invite us to go to Esplenade for our last dinner with student teacher grade 3

Dinner together

And again my only one problem at that place  is food, almost food there contain of pork. Finally i choose mix seafood.