Every once a year in iloilo city there’s Dinagyang Festival, and ma’am Hilda told us that we can join Dinagyang and she had ticket for us to watch Kasadyahan held on saturday and Ati competition on sunday . On Saturday, 26th January 2019 me, Andi and vivi accompanied by Jae and Feurl went to Dinagyang Festival to watch Kasadyahan. We got 5 ticket, 2 tickec colored blue and 3 ticket colored orange so, andi and Jae got 2 blue ticket and the girls got 3 orange ticket.

our ticket

What is Dinagyang ?

Dinagyang is like a showcase of the rich herritage, colorful history, passionate devotion, and fun-loving spirit ilonggo people. The festival traces its roots as a thanksgiving celebration in honor of Senyor Santo Nino, the child Jesus. Today, t has grown to be one of the Philippines most spectacular religious and cultural festivals.

The festival highlights are scheduled on the fourth weekend of January in addtion to many exciting activities happening all throughtout the month. The religious highlights include the fluvial procession along the iloilo river and the Dinagyang Ati cultural parade and competition.

For Saturday the schedule is Kasadyahan Cultural Parade, Kasadyahan

Kasadyahan festival is a cultural dance parade and contest held on Saturday before Ati competition. It focuses on celebrating the goodness of the creator for bounties given the western Visayans through a grand dancing parade filled with color and grace.

This year’s emphasis is on the theme of each tribe presentation through dance drama. It is search for best dance interpretation of festivals of each competiting group.

attending dinagyang festival

And for Sunday, 27th January 2019 me, andi, and vivi accompanied by ma’am Rose and ma’am Hilda for watch Ati dance competition, the competing tribes which include the warrior-dancers are all smeard with dark brown body-paint to present a tableau of folkloric scenarios through coreographed formation, elaborate props and remarkable costumes as they dance to their chanting, loud drum-beats and indigenous musical insrument. Im very enjoy Dinagyang Festival

The real Ati
Musical instrument team who bring drums and other things

Ati dance competition performance.


Make all impossible dream become possible with possible way and keep moving forward

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