Between sad and happy

This is my last week here, i’m confused about what i’m feeling now sad and happy at the same time. Sad, because i have to came back to Indonesia and i’ll miss this place, the people and everything here but i’m also happy because i can meet my familly and my best friends in Indonesia.

Today, 1st February 2019 ma’am Laden call me an told me this morning that she and grade 3 had farewell party for me.  I’m very surprised when i come to the class grade 3 gave me a letter for memorize them, i miss them.

We play games, they sing a song for me and dance. It’s very fu moment but i feel sad too because i have to back to Indonesia

They gave me many gift and love and also great experiences.

When i cry they said “ma’am Nadia please don’t cry everything will be ok”

I love you all. I miss you

And with lovely girl

After farewell party, i recieaved my certificate from WVSU. I’m very happy a sheet of paper making me happy can’t believe

i got my certificated


Make all impossible dream become possible with possible way and keep moving forward

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